Let’s be frank about something today: our hometown is dying. The city of Albuquerque has consistently declined in the past 8 years. Money that should be spent on public safety and to alleviate poverty is paid out in lawsuit settlements and to the DOJ, and spent on developments no one wants. It’s Time to take notice and make much needed changes for our great city of Albuquerque.

Public Financing

I believe the public process should be fair and accessible for all the people of Albuquerque, regardless of their income. Due to this belief, I’ve decided to seek public financing. My decision to seek public financing instead of private money was an easy decision to make. Private financing gives corporations and large donors far more influence over an election than the ordinary citizens. I refuse take part in this underhanded process. I realize that my decision does put me at a disadvantage financially, early on, but I also believe that honesty, integrity, and uncompromising  values will each be of far greater advantage than money in the long run.

As of today, the Stella 4 Mayor campaign is in the exploratory period for Mayoral candidates phase, which permits us to collect seed money and in-kind contributions starting January 1, 2017 – February 15, 2017. To be successful in this venture, we need a very strong and dedicated grassroots campaign. I believe the people of Albuquerque will come forward and support my campaign in a variety of ways, so that together we can draw the line and stand our ground.  


A True People-Powered Campaign

it’s time for Stella Padilla for Mayor, and we’re working hard to get boots on the ground so that we can elect a candidate that will represent everyone in our city. Due to the financing rules, we have about two weeks to raise seed money for this campaign, so donate now to make the biggest difference in getting Stella on the ballot and into office!


This campaign is a little different from a lot of state and national campaigns, where candidates spend a year (or two) before the election asking for donation after donation. This is our only chance to ask you for your contributions. As a potential public finance candidate, we have until a short time to raise seed money, which is money we can use to get us through the qualifying period of February 16th through March 30th. During the qualifying period, we will be gathering the 3,802 signatures needed to get Stella on the ballot and qualify as a public finance candidate. After that, the city of Albuquerque will provide the money for the rest of the campaign, if qualified.  This process is meant to ensure that not only the rich and already well-connected can run for a political office in Albuquerque, and to keep our candidates from being accountable only to wealthy donors and PACs (political action committee money). If Stella wins, she will do it by representing all the people of Albuquerque.


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The Issues


We need a transparent and open government which is held accountable for its actions. One which respects its constituents and represents their best interests at all times.


When the only consequence for the criminal behavior of city officials or law enforcement officers is a multimillion dollar, tax payer funded settlement with no blame or admission of guilt placed upon the perpetrator,  there is no consequence. Merely a victimization of the general public. Why are the citizens paying the price of crimes committed against the citizens?  The Rule of Law must be reestablished.

Right Way

Over the last 8 years, Albuquerque has seen a steady decline in population, per household income, and quality of life. We may argue about the right way to fix things, but we can see that the current model for running this beautiful city is the wrong way!

We shouldn’t need some outside agency monitoring our city’s dysfunction, or some board appointed by the city, but actual oversight by a public that is engaged in their community and knows that they have the power to change it for the better.

Responsiveness means that our city’s government exists to responds to our community’s needs, and that an development or policy is chosen because it is the best response to those needs.  

Our city spends far too much money on paying out litigation and to pay for the mistakes like an out-of-control police department and misspent federal dollars.  We need safeguards to keep these costly mistakes from happening, and limits on how much can be spent.  


Wasteful Spending
Community Interaction
No Responsibility Settlements

Tired of doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting something different to happen? Do something different.

Help Stella Padilla take back control of our Great City for all of us!

 We have already established an office. We have a growing group of volunteers that are hard at work preparing and planning for the road ahead of us. I am turning to all the people and small business owners that have known me practically all my life to invite you to get involved in my campaign and help make the difference this city needs. We’re asking you to donate your money, time, and any other resources to help me make this city a better place to live. It’s Time for change, Albuquerque!
We can accept donations in the form of cash, a debit card payment, or a check made out to “Stella Padilla 4 Mayor”. This will give our race a tremendous boost right out of the starting line. IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE, ALBUQUERQUE!

Stella Padilla

The Next Mayor of Albuquerque!

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